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2019 Love Never Fails International Convention...From My Eyes

The 2019 "Love Never Fails" International Convention from My Eyes

Words cannot express the joy I felt surrounding this event, but I am gonna try.....

Every summer we have our regional convention at the Rosenberg Assembly Hall. This year, however, was different because we hosted the International Convention at NRG Stadium, Houston, TX. The theme surrounding the convention was "Love Never Fails." Typically, International conventions are hosted every 4 to 5 years, but I haven't attended one since I was a little girl in Los Angeles, CA.

The international convention was a wonderful experience for me, because we hosted delegates from 28 different countries under 1 roof. Most of our delegates had never been to the states before. I was also privileged to be among 401 brothers and sisters, who was baptized. The convention was 3 days long and it housed over 53,000 witnesses each day.

During the months leading up to the convention I as happy to volunteer my time to be apart of activities to prepare for the conventions, such as rehearsals, trainings, committees, etc. My family and I even spent time making homemade gifts to give to the delegates when they arrived, so they'd remember their experiences in the US. I had a wonderful time working alongside my brothers and sisters to make the experience a wonderful one for the delegates. Our hall was chosen to host delegates from Korea and about 7 other countries. Jehovah blessed me so much that I was privileged to work with a delegate, who was recently release from prison. He was imprisoned for his faith in Korea (Read the article). One of the things I love about Jehovah's people is when you are in need, they show up. During the arrival of some of our delegate, the transportation arrangement got confused, this left several with no ride from the airport. We got a call that our brothers were in need and it was like the whole city showed up. The parking lot and streets to register was completed filled. The photo is a fraction of the people that came to assist.

Getting NRG ready for the convention was no exception. Many brothers and sisters volunteered to assist cleaning the stadium prior to and after the convention. I personally wasn't able to assist with the cleaning, but I did volunteer in other departments. When I saw people of different backgrounds, languages, and land speaking a pure and common language I could not hold back the tears. My love and faith in Jehovah was strengthened, because only he could bring us together as a family to show love to one another and we be able to communicate. It was nothing short of an amazing experience. Tears of JOY filled the stadium all 3 days!!! The experience was even more rewarding to me because about 6 weeks prior to the convention I was laid off my job. Although it was devastating, I was glad because I would not have been able to participate in the events surrounding the convention. We did a lot to get ready for our 5,000 brothers from other countries, but I was wiped out. I thought I was gonna rest for a few days, NOT. I had signed up for a training program to help me get ready for the transition back to work and I did not realize the class started Tuesday after the convention. BUT GUESS WHAT ELSE HAPPENED Jehovah bless us with another wonderful the privilege. Our hall was chosen to host another set of delegates coming to attend the 2nd International Convention for the Spanish congregations. Our brothers and sister again went into preparation mode to get ready for the next convention. We hosted entertainment day and it was better than the first. The Spanish convention had over 53,000 in attendance each day with 600 that was baptized. Another wonderful experience was to reunite with my play aunt, sister and friend, who flew in from Los Angeles, CA to be with me an my family. It was a wonderful reunion, especially since it's been over 30 years since we last saw each other. She got to meet my kids also. It was surreal and I was elated to share it with my daughters. Despite being apart of the best 2 convention, I still felt empty. My mother and grandmother fall asleep in death 5 days apart in September 2017, I sooooooo wished they could have been there to experience the love I experienced. However, Jehovah gave me a new family to share the LOVE with, this family is 8 million strong across the globe. Again, the title of our convention "LOVE NEVER FAILS" and I truly found out what that meant as well as got to see Jehovah's hand in my life. It was so fitting that I symbolize my dedication to Jehovah by water baptism during the convention that surrounded my favorite scripture, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. I am so grateful the Jehovah's love never fails.... ************************************ Article about the Convention: Houston, United States (English)—2019 “Love Never Fails”! International. Watch Great Day Houston on KHOU: Neighbor Next Door: Jehovah's Witnesses Written by: Nancy Nicky Thompson Edited by: Maddison Chanel Gaines

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