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Questions Frequently Asked About Process Service and SkipTracing

  • What is a process server?

  • A process server is someone authorized by the courts to inform an individual of their rights to due process. This is because they are being suited. Service of due process is a privilege set forth by the Constitution. This means that all citizens of the United States hold the right to be informed of being summoned, these legal guidelines are specified in the fifth and sixth amendments of the Constitution. Generally if you dont need a process server, you won't know what it is, so it is my pleasure to provide you an answer.

  • Why Do I Need a Process Server?

  • You can benefit from a process server filing documents with the courts, serving legal documents and retrieving your documents from court house. We can also run your business errands.

  • The main duties of the process server is to serve the defendant and/or any parties to the lawsuit. Upon serving documents the process server should file a affidavit of service (proof of service) with the courthouse, which indicated the service was completed.

  • Service must be completed in in the proper manner as set out for the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures.

  • Your process server can also perform people searches

  • What is significance of a process server?

  • A process server makes sure that due process of the law is upheld in the United States. It also allows services to be completed in the professional and effective manner. If the papers are not served properly then it could hinder the courts being to rule in a case properly. In the event of improper service the case could be thrown out of court (Reference:

  • Who governs process servers?

  • Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC)

  • For more information on the Certification, visit:

  • For more information, visit:

  • Is Paragon Accelerated licensed to service process?

  • NO, because not company can be licensed to serve process. An individual has to be certified to serve. The general manager is certified to serve in Texas.

  • What is a Subpoena?

  • Typically when people are involved in a lawsuits, witnesses receive a subpoena to appear in court. This documents order a person to appear in court to testify for an investigation or legal proceeding at a prearranged time.

  • If you need to subpoena someone it is recommended that it be served by the process server, because it will be handled in the same professional manner and provide legal proof of the service.

  • Anyone can serve the subpoena over the age of 18 years old. It can be deliver by read receipt email, hand delivered or regular mail with return receipt. If you are party to the lawsuit, you cannot serve the subpoena.

  • For more imformation, please visit

  • What is SkipTracing?

  • When party to the lawsuit has disappeared, skiptracing is a process of searches to locate that person. A good skiptracer uses high tech tools to locate person. The accuracy of the search is based on the provide to the skiptracer.

  • What SkipTracing Package do you offer?

  • Silver (Basic search)

  • Gold (Intermediate search)

  • Platinum (Comprehensive Search)

  • For More information visit:

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