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These forms are for information purposes only. They do not substitute the advice of a legal professional. PPC is in no way is offering legal advice. If you have further questions please seek the advice of a qualified legal professional.

Texas Durable Power of Attorney Texas Statutory Durable Power Of Attorne[...] Adobe Acrobat document [126.8 KB] INFORMATION CONCERNING THE MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY INFORMATION CONCERNING THE MEDICAL POWER[...] Adobe Acrobat document [101.2 KB] Living Will (Advance Directive) - Sample living-will-advance-directive-template.p[...] Adobe Acrobat document [71.7 KB] Last Will & Testament texas-last-will-and-testament-template.p[...] Adobe Acrobat document [58.6 KB] We have included a few useful links to external websites to help you find what you are looking for:

  • United States Chamber of Commerce

  • Library of Congress

  • US Courts

  • FindLaw

Please note that Paragon Parcel Companies, LLC is not liable for the content of external websites. Following the links above implicitly constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of this agreement.

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