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Steps to get YOUR document notarized

Fees (Not including travel expenses):

  • Acknowledgments - $6.00

  • Oaths or affirmations - $6.00

  • For a certificate under seal not otherwise provided for - $6.00

  • Copy certification - $6.00

  • Depositions - $0.50 per 100 words

  • Uncertified copy of a record from a notary journal - $.50


Posted Fees DO NOT include the travel fee

When inquiring for a quote please have the following information available:

  • Document Type (if a witness is needed please let me know)

  • Total number of pages and signatures to be notarized (stamps needed)

  • How many people need to have their signature notarized?

  • Address for notary to meet the signers

  • Prefered date & time

  • Method of Payment

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