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The Tattle Taler.....

One of the services my company provides is Process Serving, in Houston and surrounding areas. Visit my website for more details.

I know many people don’t know what a Process Server is, so visit my blog on Process Service for more information.

I received a process to serve for a client in Lake Jackson. Like the Beverly Hillbillies, I hitched up the work truck and headed out (LOL). When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the address was a vacant lot, so I looked around the street to see if maybe the address was in a different place. There were cars parked on the road, and not too far from those cars was a gentleman working in the yard. I pulled over behind some parked cars to ask the gentleman if he knew where the address was.

As I began speaking with the gentleman, a little boy—who had to be about eight-years-old—walk to the car parked in front of me. His ears were perking up, basically being nosey.

The gentleman told me, “The streets are so similar. Who are you looking for?”

I gave him the name of the person I was looking for.

Before the man could utter a syllable, the little boy said, "That's my mom and she's right there." He pointed to the house, where a woman and her boyfriend were standing. I could tell they were moving things out of the house.

They spotted me and began walking towards me. I asked for her name and she verified the she was the person I was looking for. I handed her the paperwork and turned on my heels to walk away.

As I was making my way back to my “Journey”, my work truck, I couldn’t stop myself from cracking up when I heard her scream, "They found me! They found me!" followed by her boyfriend asking, “How did they find you?”

My first thought was, ‘I found you because your nosey son told me who and where you were.’ My second thought was if one of my three adult children had told a stranger who I was without knowing why that person was looking for me, they were going to have to do their sitting standing up for a while (LMBO). You never know who could be looking for you and that’s how people get killed.

See, I could’ve just closed the case as unservable had her son not given her away. Process serving isn’t the dramatic flair you see in movies and television with the whole “You’ve been served” bit. Process Servers just verify the right person and get a physical description. Texas law doesn’t require us to say that, but I love to say it when needed…..especially if it’s a servee that gives me a hard time or caused me to make toooooooo many visits to their residents.

Even Job said, “Why do I put myself in danger?” (Job 13:14)

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